Boosting your Business with Words

E-commerce has dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store.

With more consumers choosing an online platform for buying different products/services and increasing the opportunity for the sellers to come online, digitalization is growing rapidly. Sellers should make sure that their products reach the maximum audience and one of the best ways of doing this is by adding the right description to their product.

What is product description?

The art of writing a brief elucidation of any product in order to make it more attractive and gain the attention of the potential target audiences. A compelling product description provides customers with details around features, problems it solves and other benefits to help generate a sale.

product description generator
One eCommerce study found out that 20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or unclear product information.

Why do you need a product description on your website?

• Higher search engine rankings help in conversion rate
• Increased organic traffic
• Increased CTR on SERP
• Reduce the cost of Pay-Per-Click Ads
• Better landing pages for Ads
• Support your keyword strategy
• Eliminate duplicate content
• Improve return visitors
• More conversion on-site
• Stand out from the competition
• Create trust with your visitors
• Go beyond describing to selling

Let’s throw some light on the problems that are destroying your conversion rate-Let’s throw some light on the problems that are destroying your conversion rate-

1. Inaccurate description
2. The inconsistent tone of voice
3. Lack of detail
4. No product review
5. Over-reliance on images
6. Not keeping up with the trends

Keeping these things in mind we want to avoid bad descriptions, as people do tend to gravitate toward certain words when shopping online. You don’t have to focus on the verbiage, rather when the product is self-explanatory you don’t have to be fancy.

Study shows that almost 95% of the customers don’t visit the product if the product description is not available.

Let’s take an example of our product description:

product description generator

It's obvious what the product is and who it is for, therefore the description is not into too much detail. And even though it doesn't include much detail, it's a good description which is added as a bonus for the customers.
Taking it further, Product Descriptions are an important aspect of any eCommerce business. It helps show a product's value to potential customers on your website and will influence the customer to make a purchase. Few things to ponder upon while forming the product description is that it should be –

• For your target audience
• Easy to read
• Easily understood

By these product descriptions, your customers will be compelled to buy the products and will help you increase sales.

About our Product :

product description generator

Everybody is enthusiastic reading about the product as far as shopping online is concerned. And with Descrii – Product Description generator that’s easy and quick as it takes your sellers' data (in the form of product types, names, attributes, brand guidelines, and templates), interprets it and transforms it into narratives to be used in your eCommerce store.
At Descrii, we make sure that your business gets the right description for the high-value products, which contributes to your business growth. Well, with us the solution is incredibly simpler, automated eCommerce product description generators are emerging on the scene quite quickly! Fortunately, it is quite cost-effective and can suit the budgets of small eCommerce companies as well.
We have also helped localize the customer experience, manage the image classification, streamline inventory management, and many more such ways. Few clicks and your description is ready! Come onboard and you can increase your sales, save your time, can access from any device, and an added benefit is that our loyal customers trust us! By the right description of your product, your customers won't miss out on the opportunity to grab it.

Knowing more about our area of expertise :

1. Jewelry

You can choose from different categories such as men, women, girls, and boys, and further, there are product options like Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. There will be a description of each product you choose. Add the right product description with us and conquer the market!

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2. Home

You can also choose from various home décor items which are categorized as the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, home, and office décor, kids furniture, living room, etc. By this, we can give your exclusive product the perfect description.

product description generator

3. Apparel

This includes different clothing options for various categories such as male, female, kids, etc. As online shopping for clothes is very rapidly increasing these days, this is the perfect match for your product, everyone wants a little description of what they are buying.

product description generator

4. Toys

Kids or adults everybody loves toys (it's just a matter of expressing). Here we deal with different categories such as action figures, building toys, cars, and many other exciting options.

product description generator

5. Beauty

Description of various beauty products ranging from skincare to perfumes. Customers are very cautious about skin products and until and unless they are 100% sure about the ingredients they won't buy it and this comes under the product description.

product description generator

6. Electronics

In today's world, everyone's becoming a tech-savvy, we require different electronic gadgets and customers won’t buy unless they have read the complete description of various specifications of the product which we are an expert in creating.

product description generator

The quality of the product description can make or break a sale, especially if it doesn’t include what a shopper is looking for making the purchase decision. Providing key elements of the description is critical if you want them to click “Buy Now” and that’s what differentiate us from the competition.

Feel free to write back in case you want to give any feedback or want to share something! Till then happy Reading!

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