Game of Words

"Good words are worth much, and cost little."

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While shoppers are skimming through your Shopify store, you need to give some powerful impact so that they can stay and make a purchase. One of the many ways is to give them potential words that attracts them. As a retailer, you can use potential vocabulary in your product description for quicker purchasing decisions. As we know Product Description is a very important element and adding a few potential or creative words in it would do wonders!

Let’s look at what these potential words are and how can we use them in our product description:


Potential words are eloquent, pictorial which can trigger the emotional response of any human being. It can be appealing and attract shoppers in such a way that they are nudged to buy the product. Like for instance, you want your customers to feel that only you are providing them with a particular product you can quote “Hard to find” or you want them to be sure that the product is tested you can write “Certified” to do the math! These little words can change the whole perspective and will help you increase the sales.


As a shopper, while scrolling through your products, they may not notice that the product is a special edition. But these words added in your description will make them understand and will create hype so that they are more inclined to buy them from your Shopify store. Add creditability and trust to your product. It is proven that adding potential words has boost conversion, using them with your product description will take the shoppers straight to check out!

A study has found out that eCommerce brand is increasing its conversion rate by 12-15% by adding potential words. Teespring has increased their conversions by 12.7% so far.

product description generator

Now let’s have a look at what potential words can be added in your product description –

1. Exclusive
To make your shopper be a part of that elite club you can add “Exclusive” word to your product description. They feel the urge to buy that product instantly so that it is not missed. product description generator

2. Essential
The products which are essential in day to day life should be marked “Essential” so that the shopper feels the need to buy them. In the current scenario, we can say that sanitizers, masks are very necessary and the shopper shouldn’t miss the chance to buy them. product description generator

3. Special
It’s the way to add exclusivity to any product which is stocked up for limited amount of time or have some special discount offer available on it. It attracts the shopper and makes them want to buy the product. product description generator

4. Certified
If any of your products is verified by any genuine authority or won any awards and recognition, make sure the shopper doesn’t miss it. It shows the credibility of the product and the shopper feels a sense of trust. Also, make sure that when you add this “Certified” in your product description it is all well informed and not twisted in any form. product description generator

5. Best Seller
In this case you can highlight your best-selling product. Which will tempt the shopper to click on it and once they see its worth they are definitely inclined to make a purchase. Best-selling products are one of the tops and latest trend products. product description generator

6. Limited Edition
These types of products are available for only a limited amount of time. If you write “Limited Edition” in your product description it shows that they are exclusive and are present for a restricted time period. This often compels the shoppers in psychological terms and they tend to buy it. product description generator

7. Difficult to Find
Many products are difficult to find because either they are rare or the required standards are not met. So if you have such kind of products and you are certain enough, then add “Difficult to find” in the product description. Shoppers will stop and will definitely take notice. product description generator

8. Free Gifts
Who doesn’t like free gifts and coupons? And if you are providing such kinds of things make sure to make it loud. You can always provide a small token of gifts, this will grab shopper’s attention and they won’t miss it at all. Add “Free gifts or coupons” in your product description. product description generator

9. Value Sales/Offer
If you intend to reduce the price of any product or offer any discount let the shoppers know. Add “Value offer” in your product description to grab the attention of discount hunters and convert their interest onto a purchase. product description generator

10. Tested
If you sell food products, cosmetics, or nutrition products then it is very important that they are tested and it has shown a positive result. You can also add the details about how you performed the test on it. All this information in your product description can help you gain the trust of shoppers. product description generator

Apart from these ten potential words there are few more categories of words that are to be most persuasive in advertising –

• Promising words
- Sale
- Unconditional
- Risk free
- Pledge
- Promise
- guarantee

• Words that create a sense of urgency
- Quick
- Expires
- Instantaneous
- Hurry
- Soon
- Second

• Words that create a sense of ease
- Smooth
- Simple
- Satisfaction
- Money-back
- Protected
- Privacy

• Words adding premium sense to products
- Handcrafted
- Pristine
- Luxurious
- Brand new
- Premium
- Fresh

• Words that create exclusivity
- Rare
- Few
- Exotic
- Authentic
- Unique
- Model

• Words that inspire
- Remarkable
- Extraordinary
- Magic
- Sensational
- Revolutionary
- Magic

• Words that are eccentric
- Dazzling
- Ravishing
- Unicorn
- Zesty
- Smashing
- Triumph

Amazing words right ? It’s all a game of words!
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