How much do product descriptions impact sales?

product description generator

One e-commerce study found that 20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or unclear product information. But some products seem to sell just fine with a title and a picture. So, does it really matter?
Yeah, it’s kind of does.
I mean, you have to say something about your products, right?
People do tend to attract toward certain words when shopping online.
So yeah, a bad product description can potentially turn someone away from a sale. But if you currently have poor product descriptions, it’s not too late. You can easily turn a bad description of a product into one that sells with a few minor tweaks.

What exactly makes a product description “bad?”

It doesn’t really have as much to do with the length of text or the verbiage that you use. At least, those aspects aren’t as important as you might think.
The main goal is simply to explain what the product does and why someone should buy it.
When a product is self-explanatory, for example, you don’t need to be fancy.
Take this example of a basic, white t-shirt:

product description generator
It’s fairly obvious what this product is and who it’s for.
The product description doesn’t have to go into too much detail.
Sure, it explains that it’s a “soft, lightweight crew” and that it’s “made from a blend of Pima Cotton and Lyocell.” But that’s just bonus information for the shopper.
In fact, most people probably won’t do much more than skim it.
The selling factor for this shirt revolves more around things like image quality (it looks good on the model), size, availability, color range, and price.
All of those things are there, so the text is less important.

product description generator
It not only has a description, but it also has tabs of technical specs and extended details on the product. Yes, all of that is for a water bottle.
Is it necessary? For their customers, it is. So, it’s a good product description.
All of the examples above accomplish the same goal. They give the shopper what they need to know – nothing more, nothing less.
A bad product description, on the other hand, does the opposite of that.
Think of it this way: If you read a product description and you still have questions about it, then it didn’t do its job.

What is a Product Description?

An e-commerce product description is a text on the product page that describes the product to reader, along with features and benefits, in an attempt to get that reader to purchase the product.
In other words, it’s a description of a product – although writing great product descriptions is a little more complicated than that.
Product descriptions have the power to convert buyers and drive targeted traffic to your website.
The first tip is to put yourself in the mind of the reader.
If you were the reader, what features and specifications of the product would you want to know?
What questions would you have, and how can you make sure your product content writing answers them?
What problems does your product solve, and why is it better than the competitor’s products?
Answering these questions in a brief, clear manner that can easily and quickly read is the key to writing great product descriptions.
Having an online shop is a lot of work, isn’t it? If you are like that, then you probably struggle with writing product descriptions. It can be so time-consuming, or expensive! Especially if you have a lot of products.
See if this sounds familiar:
• Staring blankly at your description field.
• Not knowing where to start.
• Unsure of what information to include.
• Descriptions are taking too much time away from other things
Everyone faces the same problem and just froze when it was time to come up with descriptions. was a complete blank.
product description generator
Why are product descriptions so important?
Product descriptions play two very important roles. Firstly, they can heavily influence a website’s conversion rate (CRO) and secondarily, they contribute to your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Alongside informing and influencing your visitors to convert and buy your products, product descriptions also offer the unique ability and chance to target new long tail keywords, rank for synonyms and drive targeted traffic.
Product descriptions are possibly one of the most undervalued SEO tactics with most eCommerce websites either brushings off the task of writing descriptions or writing thin and unattractive content for product pages.
From a user’s perspective, product descriptions offer the information they require, much like an in-store assistant, to buy the product they need. Without descriptions, users are left confused and uninformed about the products on your website. Products without descriptions can effectively drive your traffic away or may result in unnecessary customer support being needed in the form of telephone calls and emails. A great way to understand what your customers may ask when they land on your product page is to install a live chat plugin within your website.
From a search engines perspective, product descriptions offer ‘search bots’ the opportunity to fully understand product pages. As they can’t read images (they only see text), ‘search bots’ use content to contextualise each and every page and therefore appreciate detailed product descriptions. Deeply understanding product pages allows search engines to show search results that meet the need of targeted search queries.
When it comes to getting down and dirty with writing descriptions for your products remember, writing something is better than nothing! At a minimum, write product description bullet points for all your products.
Don’t worry we are here with an online product description generator!
While designing this tool, we kept three things in mind:
1. It had to be easy to use.
2. The descriptions had to be flattering to the product.
3. The generated descriptions should be able to be used anywhere you choose to sell and not locked into one platform.
While you may use the descriptions as they are, I highly recommend you use the generator as a creative tool to help you build your own descriptions. See below for some tips on using this tool effectively.

product description generator

How to use Descrii?

Just 4 easy steps to follow:
1. Choose your category of order from two major types provided by us
• Attribute Selector- This allows user to generate descriptions with the help of selecting attributes.
• Descriptions by Copywriters- This allows to generate descriptions by our experienced copy writers
2. Add product and choose product features and characteristics that suits your product and its brand, then hit generate option.
3. Descrii provides you two formatting styles for descriptions, you can choose from paragraph and bullets. Select the type of formatting you want.
4. At last just hit the Save to Store button to see your description.
Economical plans for you!
To fit your budgets, we have certain plans as per your choice and requirements. Have a look over them. product description generator

Tips for using the online product description generator:

1. Make it unique!

Online product description generator for e-commerce is perfect, using one of this tool can save you time and money. This will give you a general framework for each product, and then you can add some additional special unique details about the item.

2. Change some words to fit the product better!

Use a thesaurus plugin to be able to change around words to make the description sound better. For example, if I see beautiful twice in a description, I may want to change it to fine-looking, exquisite, or beauteous. What I did here was to copy and paste the word beautiful 3 times and right clicked to use the plugin to quickly change it!

3. Make sure everything is correct!

Proof read the description before posting.
I hope that you find this tool helpful and I wish you all the possible success in your online endeavours.

4. Make it Easy to Scan

Some people have no interest in reading an eCommerce description in it’s entirety, preferring to scan for the specific details that matter to them.
Using things like:
• Bullet points
Colored Text

5. Optimise for Google

It can be awkward trying to keep your product description writing as concise and full of selling points as possible, while also optimising them for keywords.
However, using the correct keywords will drastically boost the traffic towards your product pages and so it’s more than worth the effort of juggling both aspects.
A better way to grow your e-commerce catalogue:
Quick turnaround: Create thousands of product descriptions in minutes and accelerate large scale projects.
High volume: Automatically generates unique and consistent product content for your entire catalogue.
Enterprise solution: No company or catalogue products are too large for Descrii, custom bulk orders are available.
Competitive content: Descrii creates rich product descriptions that leverage high volume keywords for search engine optimization.
Fully customized: Content is based upon brand standards and guidelines.
Professional level: The product descriptions generated by Descrii are indistinguishable from those written by humans.

Features of Descrii :

• Save time by creating product descriptions
• Provide traditional copywriting services to save money
• Provide professionally-written, persuasive content
• Product description can be saved and exported in a number of formatsbr
• Can write different content based on the same attributes

Thanks for reading this post! We hope it has helped you better understand the importance of writing unique, SEO friendly and keyword targeted product descriptions.

If you have any questions about our product description generator or need help with writing product descriptions.

We want you to grow and flourish your business.

Happy writing!