Significance Of Product Description

Product Descriptions is the classification of a particular product you are selling on your online store, which contains the details, images, features, and other descriptive attributes of that product. It should focus on benefits, accurate factors, and should be built on trust. For a successful online business, Product Descriptions are a must. It can actually help you increase sales on your eCommerce website. Add a touch of enticement, information, and optimization and boom you are good to go!
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Product Description enhances the customer experience by making it look more professional. We are well aware that customer experience is one of the main concerns as Customer is King! When a capable customer lands on your website, they may have a few questions after browsing through your products, and without a Product Description you may lose a conversion. By writing the descriptions for each product you upsell them and the customers shop with ease. Build trust and make it look legitimate because you will succeed only if you have the best Product Description.

Few points to ponder about Product Description

1. Keeps your customer engaged

The main focus is always to have more and more customers irrespective of what you are selling. The probability of selling is higher when a large number of customers visit your online store. Details should clear and in simple words, be specific and maintained you can also add HD pictures or a small video to keep the customers engaged.

2. Helps to gain customers

If you are not focusing on a good Product Description part your potential customers will go to another website looking for information. Because a good description convinces them to buy or increases the chance of their revisit. Spend a considerable amount of time designing or creating a meaningful experience for the customer and they will surely stick to you creating a loyal consumer base.

3. Provide Intricate details

Never mention the exact details as given by the manufacturer rather focus on technicalities and its benefits, which will make a great sale. You have to provide information from the point of view of a customer making sure that it will convince them to buy the product. Focus on its advantages and never, I repeat never provide any false or fake information as it may adversely affect your credibility.

4. The optimization process

An important aspect is Search Engine Optimization because they rely on keywords as it helps in increasing the ranking of the website. The best description is complete, informative, contains qualitative visuals, and is optimized to attract the right target audience to your online shop. Look for proper keywords as many websites are not shown in the first few pages of the search engine.

5. Generate original content

Do not copy-paste your content rather make it original and something that you have created. Because providing accurate and original details is one of the main concerns. You can also hire virtual assistant services as they are professionals and experienced. Copied details are easily available on other websites which leads to duplicate content and it confuses Google to decide which identical page should be top in the rank.

All these points are very crucial and help the online retailer gain more customers. Product Descriptions help you stand out from the competitors and increase your Shopify sale largely. The best Product description will not only convince the shoppers that they want the product but that they need it and can’t live without it!! It is your chance to tell people why your business is the best and why they should purchase your product.

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Few tips to consider while writing the Product description

- Keep your target audience in mind

Frame a few questions before writing the description such as, How old are your customer? How do you want your brand to be portrayed ? etc. use appropriate words like for example you will not use “Lit” to an older audience. Also, figure out the tone of writing and make it consistent throughout.

- No spelling or grammar errors

Can you image a description which has spelling mistakes in it? Is it professional? No! not at all. Triple check for spelling as well as for grammar. This can make a huge impact on whether to buy or not any product.

- Don’t promote your business

You always have to focus on providing solutions to the customers problems. Lay out the scene and let them imagine their life with that product. For example, if you are selling a sizzling jacket you want them to imagine what it is like to wear that jacket at a party. Create visual experience and engage them with your product. And try not to sell your business on Product Description.

- Include picturization

If you are selling apparel, customers want to see that on the models or mannequins. You can also add a different angle description of that product. Consider adding video as well so that customer gets a nice experience.

- Avoid having the same description

Every description should be unique from others. Google doesn’t like duplicate as far as the ranking is concerned. Firstly focus on customers perspective and then keep in mind the Google algorithm, since you have to please both. Try to be more creative with each set of products and do not try to write the same content.

- Full descriptive analysis

You should include all the details and information related to that product. For example, the size, shape, color, specifications, and even necessary instructions if any must be included. If after reading the description your customer is still confused you have to do a lot of work.

- Highlight necessary words

If people are saving money from the products, given some exclusive offer, best deals, hard to find products you have to highlight such things so that they are easily visible and catch the customers attention. Add catchy phrases like “must have”, “any occasion”, “get them before they are gone”, etc. customers will feel the need to buy those products.

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In addition to writing these good descriptions and keeping a few of the above key points in mind, you have to include certain keywords. This way when Google crawls your website, they will rank you for your target keyword.

• Build your keyword strategy
• Optimize every page with your target keywords
• Initial step is to research what the customer is looking for and what are they typing in the search bar
• Be specific and use your websites on-site search function to see what customers are looking for
• Product Description also helps a lot in SEO and PPC

The ultimate goal of Product Description is to engage significant customers to make a purchase on your website. Without them, the customers will be left with a lot of questions and it will demotivate them to make a purchase. Make sure you spend some time researching and then craft the perfect Product Description. Follow these tips and suggestions and you will rule the online market!

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Writing the perfect Product Description can be a challenging process and can consume a lot of your time.

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