Descrii, Product Description Generator

The virtual market space continues to show an exponential rise in its consumability, it goes without saying that a strong online presence and a sturdy foundation in the online community are decisive in propagating your sales and business overall. It can be a real tough and tedious job to maintain your brand inventory online under the light you want it to be interpreted to attract and capture your target audience’s attention and trust. Even more so, it becomes a much more dominating task to manage multiple other facets of an online business than the mere establishment of the existence of your product and its possibilities. The volumes of SKUs, the catalogues, the expenses, add Product Descriptions with SEO requirements to the mix and it can take a toll on one and end up a blunder.

product description generator

To the rescue, Descrii, an advanced Product Description Generator which leverages Artificial Intelligence, consumer behaviours and virtual market trends to compose Product Descriptions by sauteing raw product details into enticing, irresistible, balanced dishes that leave your customer with a temptation to try. Harmonizing the content with insights gained through a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Solutions, the end Product Descriptions are effective, imbuing class and creativity.

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Descrii, Product Description Generator


Descrii is an advanced Product Description Generator. With it’s leading Artificial Intelligence abilities it is made to adapt flexibly with the digital and Ecommerce Landscape, building original, tempting and ‘take action’ content.

product description generator

Double Decker Deal

Descrii is an app that packs a double decking deal. For us, while making the app, the intention to not only serve quality but also search engine optimized content through our product description generator was the key goal. In a digitally fueled market, Descrii’s product descriptions are suited for brand features to be recognized well by all platforms, helping you build your brand’s presence in a sea of commodities.

product description generator

Seamless Originality

Descrii understands purchase funnels, search engine algorithms, and all other details of the Ecommerce Landscape alongside consumer behaviour. This helps the product description generator to fashion descriptions that are original and factor the emotional quality of a human copywriter with its advanced computeristic abilities seamlessly,in a professionally consistent manner.

product description generator

Table Turning Technology

A technology that understands your product just as you want it to be understood by your customers as well has the ability to cook and present the raw material into a rich product description that is irresistibly mouth watering and demands action from your target prospects and consumers. Descrii is a master chef in dishing product descriptions impeccably.

product description generator

Cutthroat Culture

A product description generator that certifies your brand’s presence in the noisy and cluttered online platforms where your brand can be heard, your product noticed, and purchased is one of the most imperative objectives of Descrii while serving its purpose of Product Description Generation.

product description generator

Credible Quality

With its intricately layered programming including its compatibility with the market trends and consumer tendencies to deduct the perfect symphony in the descriptions, serving all the significant challenges that are faced in the virtual trade, Descrii is a credible Product Description Generator to be seeked.

product description generator

Exclusively Personalized

Descrii is not a mechanically programmed product generator app, rather, with it’s advanced adaptive intelligence, it’s product descriptions are befitting to any and all ranges of commodities and services you are looking to establish in the online market, exclusively customized to suit your needs.

Why Install Descrii?

Descrii is a Product Description Generator with the power of programming composes content narrations that tell the story of your brand and product or service in the manner you want it to be told, polished with inviting witticisms that drive an action out of your audience in the right moments at the right time.

product description generator

Snowballs Sales

Descrii’s product descriptions are assembled to influence the prospects by introducing the unique features and benefits in a way that entices the buyer into believing the necessary need of it in one’s life and hence tempting them to not be able to leave the calling unnoticed or unattended, driving sales by a multifold.

Increase store's visibility

With it’s well informed knowledge in the Ecommerce and digital marketing landscapes, Descrii is a well equipped and tamed Product Description Generator that caters to your Product Description demands as well as search engine indexing essentials for your Brand and Product to be crowned where it can be spotted and distinguished by your target audiences, building your brand awareness and augmenting to your product considerations and sales.

Reliability Reinforcement

Just as we comply to dish out content that is influential, and credible to you as our customers, our Product Descriptions for your Services and/or Commodities will serve the complementary image to your customers of your professional reliability and trustworthiness through your online presence.

Low Cost and Fast Delivery

Hiring a copywriter or content marketer in person can be immensely pocket burning. With our Product Description Generator the costs do not include any added headcount. With the application available in your hand, the efficiency of quality Description Generation is taken to another level.

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Descrii, Product Description Generator

Product Description role in SEO

How Descrii is different from other?

product description generator

Navigating the Digital Planes where the world moves at a different pace and style, much distinct than that of the traditional market trades can be highly daunting and tough to figure out on one's own. With the pressure of conducting a business itself, managing the digital presence of your business alongside, catering to small but significant details such as Product Descriptions, formats and Search Engine Optimization seems like asking a little too much than what can fit the bowl. But, nonetheless such steps cannot be overlooked, ignored or underestimated. Presenting your product in a mediocre light is almost as bad as not presenting it. Putting together sufficient resources when building your Brand’s and product’s image that fits you in the virtual Ecommerce land is a crucial step, and Product Description is the key to doing so.

Understanding such challenges and difficulties, we have integrated leading technological advancements such as the Natural Language Processing Solutions, and the forever evolving Artificial Intelligence to cultivate exceptionally effective and extraordinarily personalized Product Descriptions through our Product Description Generator, Descrii.

Descrii has the ability to understand your product or service and how you want it to be perceived and viewed in the online market. It imbues the narration of your product story to be threaded into the content in a way that the potential buyer realizes the need of the product or service in their own lives and are tempted to take action eagerly.

Fair and Economical Pricing Plans, For You

To fit your budgets, to cater to your personal needs, to serve you quality with affordability, we have various pricing plans for you to select from as per your choices, and requirements. Choose the most satisfactory for your business goals and marketing objectives.


  • The Most Affordable Product Description Generator App
  • Unlimited Descriptions
  • Instant Results
  • Inbuild Rich Text Editor
  • Bulk Order Facility
  • 24x7 Great Support
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Attribute Selector
  • We select product attributes for you
  • Fast delivery at no extra charge
  • SEO friendly descriptions
  • High quality
  • Save Your time
  • Perfect for dropshippers or other stores adding many products in bulk.
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$2.9 per Descrii

Descriptions by copywriter
  • Unique, handwritten and professional product descriptions
  • Written by Highly skilled Copywriters
  • SEO friendly descriptions
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  • Best practices are followed
  • Perfect for dropshippers
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Descrii, Product Description Generator