Fair and Economical Pricing Plans, For You

To fit your budgets, to cater to your personal needs, to serve you quality with affordability, we have various pricing plans for you to select from as per your choices, and requirements. Choose the most satisfactory for your business goals and marketing objectives.


  • The Most Affordable Product Description Generator App
  • Unlimited Descriptions
  • Instant Results
  • Inbuild Rich Text Editor
  • Bulk Order Facility
  • 24x7 Great Support
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$0.29per Descrii

Attribute Selector
  • We select product attributes for you
  • Fast delivery at no extra charge
  • SEO friendly descriptions
  • High quality
  • Save Your time
  • Perfect for dropshippers or other stores adding many products in bulk.
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$2.9 per Descrii

Descriptions by copywriter
  • Unique, handwritten and professional product descriptions
  • Written by Highly skilled Copywriters
  • SEO friendly descriptions
  • Fast delivery at no extra charge
  • Best practices are followed
  • Perfect for dropshippers
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